Jellyfish Thwart Choe McCardel Florida Straits Dream

Jueves, Junio 13, 2013

Australian Chloe McCardel quit her attempt to become the first swimmer to cross the Florida Straits, between Havana and the U.S, without using a shark cage after receiving severe jellyfish stings, her team announced Thursday on Twitter.

McCardel (28) yielded to the challenge after swimming 20 kilometers in 11 hours due to several jellyfish stings on her face and her mouth, which raised concern about possible effects on her respiratory efficiency, the team announced on her @chloemccardel Twitter account.

According the announcement the swimmer and her team are in Key West, where she is recovering before addressing any future plans.

Had McCardel been successful in her attempt, she would have become the first person to have covered the 90 miles separating Havana from the United States without a shark cage; however, jellyfish have been the major obstacle for her and for other swimmers who have also taken the challenge.

The most recent swimmer to attempt the crossing of the straits was US Diana Nyad (63), who quit for the fourth time last year after fighting jellyfish and resisting a storm in the sea during two days.

Weeks before Nyad’s attempt, British-Australian Penny Palfrey (49) also quit after swimming during 40 hours.

The only person that has made it so far was Australian Susan Maroney (22), though in a shark cage that protected her from sea predators. (Cuban News Agency)

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